HPE Data Protector Instant Recovery extension - Lisens - 10 TB kapasitet - elektronisk - Win

HPE Data Protector Instant Recovery extension - Lisens - 10 TB kapasitet - elektronisk - Win TD595AAE
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HP OpenView Storage Data Protector is HP OpenView software that delivers recovery in a service-driven management approach. To protect your business-critical information from any risk of loss, Data Protector provides industry-leading Instant Recovery capabilities, based on mirroring and snapshot technologies, which use disk as a recovery media rather than tape. Utilizing disk-based recovery, Data Protector enables the recovery of terabytes of data in minutes, rather than hours. To achieve optimum IT efficiency, data protection services must be integrated and managed as an integral component of the overall IT service. Enabling service-driven management through seamless integration with HP OpenView, Data Protector allows data protection to be managed as a set of services rather than a set of individual tasks or technologies, giving IT managers confidence in knowing that the storage elements upon which their services depend are actively and efficiently managed.

Data Protector offers a broad compatibility with multivendor platforms, applications operating systems, libraries, disks and topologies. It supports a comprehensive list of backup clients and backup device servers to extract application data and protect it onto backup drives and tape libraries. Additional database and application agents provide support for specialized backup approaches, such as online, open-file or zero-downtime backup integrations.


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