APC Switched Rack PDU AP7901B

Strømfordelerenhet (kan monteres i rack) - AC 120 V - inngang: NEMA L5-20 - utgangskontakter: 8 (NEMA 5-20) - 1U - 3.66 m kabel - svart - for P/N: SMX1000C, SMX1500RM2UC, SMX1500RM2UCNC, SMX750C, SMX750CNC, SRT2K2RXLNX145
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Produsent APC
Artnr AP7901B
  • kr 11 154 Eks mva
  • Informasjon
    • Remote individual outlet control
    • Power delays
    • Alarm thresholds
    Remotely manage outlets so users can turn outlets off that are not in use (prevent overloads) or recycle power to locked-up equipment (minimize costly downtime and avoid travel time to equipment). This function allows users to configure the sequence in which power is turned on or off for each outlet. This helps avoid in-rushes at start-up, which can cause overloaded circuits and dropped loads. Sequencing also allows users to predetermine which piece of equipment is turned on first so other equipment dependant on that unit will function properly. Define alarm thresholds in order to avoid overloaded circuits. Network and visual alarms inform the user of possible problems.

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