Samsung S24E650XW - SE650 Series

LED-skjerm - 24"
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Produsent Samsung
Artnr LS24E65UXWC/XE
  • kr 1 899 Eks mva
  • Informasjon
    • Business tool that produces crystal-clear images
    • Monitor designed to match business needs
    • Maximize workspace with the efficient handle VESA wall mount
    • Conveniently adjust monitor height, tilt, and perspective
    • Save energy and see the results with the energy tree
    • Control power consumption, conserve energy
    • Gentle on the eyes and on the environment
    • Save energy with smart motion technology
    • See your work from the best possible angle
    Samsung's SE650 eco-friendly LCD monitor delivers an unmatched user experience, while maximizing energy savings and sustainable design for reduced environmental impact. Using the monitor's Eco-power off mode the SE650 offers 0.00 W power consumption when in off mode. This is significantly lower than the 0.3 W to 0.5 W experienced with the average monitor, leading to significant savings in energy, resource and cost over time. Along with superior power consumption, the monitor is designed with a recycled plastic and PVC-free body. The recycled plastic and PVC-free body offer health and environmental benefits throughout the monitor's lifecycle, beginning with production, where it reduces the emission of harmful pollutants. During use, the monitor keeps PVC-related toxins out of the user's home, school and office. Finally, when correctly disposed, the monitor prevents PVC from leaking into soil, crops and water supplies.

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