APC Rack Side Air Distribution 208/230V 50/60HZ

Vifteenhet - svart - 2U - for P/N: AP8702S-WWX340, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106SP, AR9300SP, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC
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Produsent APC
Artnr ACF202BLK
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    • Dual Fans increase equalized airflow from top to bottom of the equipment
    • A-B Power Input Feeds: two power cords are shipped with the unit, by connecting the cords to separate power sources, you can provide redundant power to the unit, maximizing uptime
    • Independent On/Off Switch allows to turn on one fan for equipment requiring lower CFM volumes or turn on both to reach maximum airflow volumes; with one fan off, the Side Air Distribution unit is prevented from taking excess cool air from the cold aisle that could be used for other equipment
    • Airflow Turning Vane directs conditioned room air directly to the equipment inlet, allows for variability in placement of the unit and equipment, it can be placed under a piece of a equipment and blow air up or above a piece of equipment and blow air down
    • Cool Air inlet pulls in conditioned room air that is required by the side-to-side equipment to maintain efficiency
    • Redirected Conditioned Air: positions air directly at the side-to-side equipment inlet so that it can be drawn in evenly to cool and maintain equipment life
    Housing equipment with side-to-side airflow creates many challenges for IT and facility managers, particularly in regards to cooling. Because most enclosures are designed for a front to back airflow pattern, it is difficult to maintain ideal operating temperatures on side-to-side airflow equipment. The Rack Side Air Distribution Unit allows for greater security and organization by allowing racks to be placed adjacent to one another without impeding airflow.

    The Rack Side Air Distribution Unit is a 2U rack mountable air distribution product for networking equipment or servers with side-to-side airflow. It pulls in conditioned air from the front of the rack and distributes it to the side air intake of the networking equipment. This extends equipment life by providing proper inlet temperatures.

    This product is recommended for one or more networking products that are stacked consecutively in a rack. Rack Side Air Distribution Units may be placed above and/or below the networking equipment. Airflow pattern is user configurable via an interchangeable air turning vane.

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