SonicWALL - Nettverksadapter - PCI - 10Mb LAN - 10Base-T

SonicWALL - Nettverksadapter - PCI - 10Mb LAN - 10Base-T 01-SSC-0432
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Ethernet cards from Sonic offer a variety of solutions for Ethernet networks, including Macintosh and Windows95 platforms. All cards have 32-bit bus architecture for maximum throughput.

Get two Ethernet media on board with the Ether TwP (Thick and 10Base-T) card. This card comes with First Mac Ethernet ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) for greater reliability and higher performance and 64KB Static RAM buffer for fast transfer of large files. It is 100 % compatible with Macintosh System 7 and 8, A/UX, Mac TCP, Novell Netware, DECnet.


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