PORT Professional - Notebookpersonvernsfilter - 12,5" bredde - svart

PORT Professional - Notebookpersonvernsfilter - 12,5" bredde - svart 900204
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PORT DesignsProdusentPORT DesignsArtnr
KategoriSikkerhetsprodukter for datamaskin, Tilbehør for notebook og tablet-PC
  • 60° vision angle
  • For monitor screens
  • For laptop screens
  • Privacy protection
PORT Professional Privacy filters are designed to preserve the confidentiality of the information displayed on a computer screen. Once positioned, only the user located in front of the screen is able to view the information and anyone located laterally at more than a 30 ° angle from the screen will see anything other than the black opaque filter. Perfectly adapted to mobility, it ensures the confidentiality of computer screens especially at work and during travel: ideal for offices, open spaces, airports, airplanes, trains, cafes and other public places. Work productively anywhere without worrying about prying eyes.


Tussa IKT AS, Langemyra 6, 6150 Ørsta | Sentralbord 70 04 62 00 | itsal@tussa.no | www.tussa.no/ikt
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