SonicWALL - Vifteenhet - FRU - for SuperMassive 9200, 9400, 9600

SonicWALL - Vifteenhet - FRU - for SuperMassive 9200, 9400, 9600 01-SSC-3876
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The SonicWall Supermassive 9000 Series Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is designed to deliver deep security to your enterprise at multi-gigabit speeds. Offering the ultimate in security with enterprise class performance, the Supermassive 9000 Series detects and blocks the most sophisticated threats before they can enter your network with minimal latency for every connection on the network. Utilizing a higher core density architecture in an elegant, one rack unit appliance, the Supermassive 9000 Series efficiently saves rack space and lowers power and cooling costs. Its multicore design can gracefully handle traffic spikes without impacting network performance.


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