Multibrackets M Motorized Wallmount HD - Monteringssett (veggbrakett) for LCD/plasma-panel - hvit

Multibrackets M Motorized Wallmount HD - Monteringssett (veggbrakett) for LCD/plasma-panel - hvit 7350073731152
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  • Large screen capacity
  • Motorized movement for a perfect position
  • The quiet electrical motor is discreetly concealed
  • Optimized for any audience, standing or sitting
  • Pre-mounted components reduce installation time
The all M Motorized Wallmount 160 kg white incorporates design with rounded edges and overall features giving a softer, professional feel that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. The height of the often large size LCD/ LED can easily be adjusted by one person via a remote control. Never has a perfect viewing angle to any audience been so easy to achieve. No technical know how or previous usage is needed to control the M Motorized Wallmount. Just set it at the height needed - and go!

The motor-driven height adjustment allows you to move the LCD/LED screen up or down to a suitable height for any presentation or digital signage situation. The wide reach up or down makes it suitable for both a sitting and standing audience, making this product a perfect multifunctional solution for any need.

Using high quality details and components this M Motorized Wallmount will be servicing you for a long time. Tested under rigorous conditions with weights well over the max level and with a frequency not adaptive for normal conditions this unit will be servicing your needs for a very long time. The Multibrackets is very clever making it possible to have a very good flexibility in height yet the screen does not build to far from the wall.


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